About The Swoop Brand


• In operation for 6 years.
• #1 South Bay* Brand for a Lifestyle Publication.
• Strongest Events Database in South Bay.
• In the past 6 years SWOOP has maintained a renewal rate of 80% with the primary source of advertising booked being from loyal advertisers that are satisfied with the SWOOP product.


SWOOP is a lifestyle. Our motto, WORK HARD PLAY OFTEN embodies the spirit of the SWOOP brand. The underpinning of the Southern California lifestyle is not to live to work; it is to work to live. SWOOP is more than just a brand. It’s a way of life. The Magazine’s editorial content is infused with a vast array of the hottest trends and reviews. SWOOP’s unique blend of local and global information creates the perfect platform for companies striving to have their brand infused within the lives of individuals within their niche market.


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